Erectile Dysfunction

Men and women – are two micro cosmos, opposites that attract each other, the two halves that make a whole, in spite of their differences. The entire complex palette of relations between the strong and beautiful half of humanity is based on the features of the activities of male and female hormonal system, which is also the basis of human health. Its proper functioning makes us beautiful, strong, cheerful and attractive to the opposite sex. For men, the changes in the hormonal system are less markedly than in women. This is often the cause of misdiagnosis and lack of proper treatment. Studies show that almost 40% of men older than 45 have low testosterone levels.

Here is a list of key phrases that can be heard from ignorant people:

First, what is meant by the norm? And secondly, why is it always? Sexual arousal does not come at the click. Moreover, doctors have long shown that the rate is still considered to be, if not work out to 25% of sex acts. For there may be a variety of causes: stress, fatigue, health problems.

There are problems at a certain age. It is believed that with the advent of the age of 40 almost all males have erectile dysfunction begins to emerge. It is not true. Problems with the excitation can be in the young age. It plays a role not age, and lifestyle. If you smoke, drink alcohol in excessive amounts and are rarely physically active, you are more likely to encounter this problem.

Drugs that stimulate the erection work even in the absence of women. In fact, the penis to increase in size, require different stimulating factors, such as an attractive partner and caresses. That is, drugs do not induce erections, and contribute to its emergence as a response to stimuli.

The man does not work only with a woman that he does not like. It is not true. We have already said that erectile dysfunction may occur for various reasons, but it is not the lack of sex appeal of the partner. If a man feels uncomfortable, he can order Viagra online at and to feel yourself confident.

Drugs that stimulate the erection adversely affect the body. They do not bring harm, but by virtue of its properties (increased blood circulation, toning) can aggravate certain health problems. That is why it is important to choose the right drug. It is advisable to do this after the test to make sure that you do not have contraindications.

We have given a short list of myths that are partially or completely doing not have common with the reality. Often they arise from a lack of information, and then, gathering new “facts” are misleading people.

Erectile Dysfunction and Age

We can distinguish two different periods of aging men: the average age – between 40 and 65 years and after the age of 65 years. Although erectile dysfunction is more common in older men, it cannot be considered “normal” for them. Just need more stimulation to get an erection than it needed, when they were younger. There is no reason to put up with the lack of sexual function, considering it one of the inevitable consequences of aging. Many older people are able to achieve an erection and enjoy sex. The desire to have sex is not the prerogative of the young people! Erection problems can occur in men of any age. Even among the 20-30-year old men 21%, and among the 30-40-year-olds 27% are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

For development of impotence affects not only the age, but also many other factors – unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet, current disease, the administration of drugs. Erection occurs due to work of elastically collagen fibers. With age, the tissues lose their properties and gradually change. That is why the more likely it is in violation of the potency of the elderly. Do not panic ahead of time – often after necessary examinations the diagnosis was not confirmed. The cause of impotence in young age can be the taking medications for the treatment of ulcers or heart diseases, blood vessels and other pathologies. In this case, erectile dysfunction often pass after the end of medication or after replacing them with a more secure and friendly counterpart.

The main risk factor of impotence is age of men, although it is not important. It plays an important role the health of the stronger sex. If a man looks after himself, leading a healthy lifestyle, then sixty, he would look at forty. But there are those who have to manage to get forty different diseases, as a result can be broken, and sexual functions. In any case, in violation of potency should immediately consult a doctor – he will diagnose on the basis of the survey will reveal the presence or absence of this disease and, if necessary, will be appointed effective treatment. Medications, such as Cialis (i.e., designed for a natural increasing potency) should be selected only with your doctor, but maybe they can help to defeat age male impotence. You can buy cialis 20mg here in order to reduce stress before sex and get enjoy from the coitus.

Treatment of Impotence

Psychological impotence treatment includes both the psychotherapy and drug therapy. Psychologist allows the patient to get rid of internal conflicts and drugs from the experiences and fears. As a curative therapy appointed tranquilizers. Most often used for these purposes PDE5. These drugs not only help fight a psychological impotence, but also provide a means of psychological defense, thereby achieving the maximum effect from their admission.

But again, psychological impotence is a fairly complex disease as the cause of its development may be the psychological trauma experienced in childhood. Therefore, it is possible to cure only in rare cases without the participation of an experienced specialist. But do not cheat yourself and afraid of untruth and myths. By the way, on the site or you can find more information about the fictitious problems. This resource will tell you about the most effective and quickest way to treat impotence.