Intimate life of man and woman is world of two that brings them together, makes their relationship bright, sensual and happy. But in world there are couples for whom absence of sex isn`t a problem. There are many reasons and prerequisites for this: frigidity and impotence, weak temperament, chronic fatigue and so on.

And yet, can we consider full-fledged family life without sex? Is it harmful to health or family relationships? Sex could happen without love – it isn`t secret to anyone. But can people feel happy living together without physical intimacy?

It turns out that families without sex aren`t uncommon for long time, and this is characteristic not only of elderly spouses who have lived side by side for many years and have health problems. Statistics confirm that couples aged 35-50 have intimate relationships just few times per year.

It should be noted that intimate life is only one phase of marriage. Sexual function isn`t as vital as breathing or sleeping. Sometimes spouses can agree that their life together wouldn`t include sex, and feel happy. This is their choice, and this state of affairs doesn`t give grounds to assert that they have problems.

All people differ from each other, and each of us may have different needs for sex, as well as reasons that led to this: upbringing, health, religion, temperament, or mood. For sex, there are no rules so that you can talk about how many sexual contacts per week or per year are norm.

How to return sex to relationship: correct methods from sexologists

Modern realities through television, books and other means of mass dissemination of information suggest to us that sex should be as much as possible. And here it is important not to go in wake of public opinion, but to try to figure out what exactly you need. If your couple is satisfied with relationship without sex, what should be same for others?

Problem exists if rejection of sex wasn`t deliberately chosen by spouses, but happened as if by itself. This may indicate that one of spouses has problems that require immediate resolution.

What can men and women have for giving up sex?

Reasons may be very different. British writer and philosopher Alain de Botton, for example, believes that dominance of information oversaturated with information about sex doesn`t have any intimacy, since false belief is created that others have this much better and more often. This can cause complexes and, as consequence, lead to abandonment of intimate life in general.

How long absent sex affects human body?

Causes for women to refuse sex: subconscious fear of pregnancy or experienced painful childbirth and surgery; stresses and depressions, monotony in life, propaganda of cult of beautiful female body, parenting and chronic fatigue.

Reasons for male refusal of sex can be low need and interest in sex due to authoritarian maternal influence in childhood; stressful situations at work and taking antidepressants; strong resentment and lack of spiritual intimacy with his wife. The last two versions of reasons can occur in female half, prompting them to give up their intimate life.

Is absence of sex dangerous for family?

Whether refusal of sex was chosen by you voluntarily, or you accepted choice of spouse under pressure from him, it should be remembered that abstinence in family life is most common cause of adultery and subsequent divorces.

Prolonged abstinence of spouses leads to fact that they live side by side like brother and sister or friends, but cease to perceive each other as object for sexual relations, and return of intimate life becomes big problem.

Prerequisites for perfect sex

Key to success is trusting communication, during which spouses will discover true reason for abstinence. Sex is natural side of spouses life, and it’s still worth finding out all omissions of this delicate problem. In conversation, don`t exchange mutual accusations and complaints, just let partner know that you are worried about current situation and you would like to return sensuality and joy of physical intimacy to your life together.