Great Cleopatra managed to seduce Julius Caesar with wine made from Brachetto grapes, and Mark Antony with fragrant body on which queen applied rose oil. Women in 21st century have their own tricks. In course are scented candles, and seductive lingerie, and toys from sex shop, and technological innovations. Some guys start because they simply scratch their ears.

Still: from strict business woman this can`t wait every day. Those who are still treading their way to heart of their beloved through stomach, surprise their soul mate with foie groy and lasagna (and then wonder why this “bunny” is so sluggish).

In short, art of love, which manifests our contemporaries, Cleopatra didn`t dream, even in most exciting dreams.

Quick and tasteful

Immediately make a reservation: object of seduction should be worthy of your love. There wouldn`t be decent girl throwing beads in front of man who forgets not only where his deodorant is, but also date of your first meeting. But there are Cleopatra, who also love such guys, whose manners are far from secular, and their attitude to mother-in-law (real or future) leaves much to be desired. And these too are surprised. Here you have to stock up on fantasy and courage. Best option is to organize such “quick copy” quick sex.

“What else!”, says a woman who quickly gathers children to kindergarten in mornings, whirling at work during day, trying to catch everything, and in evening, like a bee, she prepares dinner, cleans nursery, and usually strokes her socks beloved one Very thought of having sex without long foreplay, candles, silk bed and dim light seems blasphemous to her. But, to her surprise, such madam will find that fast sex has its advantages. In end, no one bothers to tune in to upcoming joy

It`s possible to pick out dress for half day, think over gentle words and extreme conditions in which you and your beloved boy will spend 10 unforgettable minutes. Going to her husband to make concessions and accepting his rules of game, you bring him not only physical pleasure, but also psychologically satisfy him. After all, by your behavior you will show how much you want to be on same wavelength with him.

How to surprise man in bed with something new?

If in your strong guy still lives naughty boy, you can surprise him with game. Buying checkers or latest version of “Stalker” isn`t necessary. The main thing is to think over game so that man feels strong and dexterous, and try to become fragile and defenseless herself.

Depending on your preferences, your partner, and chosen model of game, sex can be hard or gentle, lightning-fast or stretched over whole night of pleasure.

If you belong to category of women who know how to surprise man in bed in Eve’s costume, your Adam is lucky: there are a lot of variants of this game.

Accessories in bed don`t interfere even most chaste couples. Leather lashes and handcuffs, ice cubes and peacock feather – all this unusually sharpens sensations. Many women try to surprise their beloved with new methods of massage, and then they are offended that he has fallen asleep soundly, without waiting for “dessert”. No wonder: relaxing movements of your favorite hands after hard day’s work can lull even most active playboy.

Therefore, proceed to erotic massage only if you firmly believe in cheerful mood of man and his strong desire to get strawberry with cream for snack. Then masseuse will be rewarded with boisterous gratitude and passionate generosity.

Who in morning, who in evening

Classic way to surprise man in bed is to look through Kama Sutra. True, many chaste persons offered by ancient Hindu poses are introduced into stupor. Yes, and sometimes approaching some of them without good stretch and athletic physique is simply impossible. So take book philosophically: perhaps one touch to edition will push you to bold experiments in bed and diversify sex. To keep beloved guy on short leash only thanks to intricate poses, no one has yet succeeded. But following general rules described in “Kama Sutra” will add “pepper” to your relationship.

Amazing dinner

And yet you are not sure that your man will understand all these intimate delights without prior supper. If your favorite is lark, as an option, you will have to work hard to prepare light breakfast. It`s exceptionally tasty food and good alcohol. He understands hints “about this” only on full stomach.

Dumplings and roasts are swept aside as “aggravating circumstance”. Well give strength and excite blood of shrimp with avocado. And what if he is allergic to seafood?

So, we are cooking juliens with mushrooms, dish rich in protein and zinc, which will charge anyone with sexual energy. Or maybe “puppy” has long dreamed of Dalme? So, it`s necessary to look for grape leaves and become to plate. It may not be as useful as avocado, but it may pleasantly surprise man.

Choosing methods of surprise, think in advance about “safety techniques”. Neither “Kama Sutra” nor culinary experiments shouldn`t pose threat to life and potency of your one and only. You don`t want, like an Egyptian queen, to kill your man after night of love?