Now, when all available media, TV, video, etc., makes it possible to get all sorts of information about sex life (unfortunately not only useful, but also rather low-grade). Elderly spouses need to find joint ways to extend and maintain their sex life.    

What is role of sexual activity in life of older people?

Sexual activity of older people prolongs youth and life expectancy. Regular sex life of people over 60 years old strengthens health, stimulates immunity, and prevents complications, especially in cardiovascular diseases.

Moderate sex in these patients reduces likelihood of myocardial infarction. Sex life increases self-esteem of older people, improves not only their physical but also their emotional state.

However, approximately 35% of men over 60 have problems with erection. After 70 years, number of men with these problems almost doubles. 20% of men and 33% of women under age of 65 completely stop having sex.

What factors play crucial role in termination of male sex?

Sexual problems of elderly spouses are associated with decrease in man’s sexual capabilities with age. Reasons for termination of sexual activity in men over 60 years of age are: lack of desire (libido) and weakening or absence of erection.

These factors depend not only on age, but also on numerous diseases associated with aging process of body. For this reason, intimate life of elderly becomes incomplete, or even stops altogether. Try, for example, even at young age to have sex with sore back!

Psychological relationship between spouses

Problems can be presented in such manner:

  • Preludes to sexual intercourse, so-called period of exciting foreplay. This is manifestation of love, degree of closeness and tenderness to your loved one. If man wants to deliver true pleasure to woman, he needs to learn this art. In addition, intimate caresses will help man bring his penis into combat readiness.
  • Expanding range of eligibility. Experience of intimate life comes to spouses, mainly by trial and error. However, in absence of mutual understanding, trust and frank conversations, it`s impossible to resolve marital problems. So-called range of acceptability of sexual affection should be extended, to diversify their “range”. In short, it must be remembered that everything is permissible in love, if it suits both partners.
  • Long and varied stimulation. There are quite few wives who, in their youth, made their husbands “sexually disabled“. These weren`t only cramped living conditions in same room with other people, but also sexual ignorance of both men and women, as well as sexual complexion and tightness of women, formed in parental family. Realizing that erection in elderly man quickly passes, wife should take initiative. Ability to organize sexual space is very important: to create in evening (in afternoon, in morning.) Pleasant atmosphere in house, to diversify ways and lengthen time for additional arousal.